Swim Noir.

Yes, please. 

Yes, please. 

We get it. When you open your closet, it's a sea of black. You try to buy color, you really do. You pick out several options at the shop, but end up buying the top or the dress or the bag in... black. 

We feel you. 

This is what is at MANTA's foundation. This is what #swimnoir is all about. It doesn't mean that you don't love the sun, that you don't feel a lil' sexier with sun-kissed shoulders and sea salt in your hair. 

Black just makes sense. It's empowering, a statement of who you are, even on the beach. Just because it's a bikini, doesn't mean it needs to be pink, with  flowers, or ruffles. It can be a dark, lush green... or a mineral grey, too. You own your aesthetic, and your taste. 

So, we hope that MANTA will be your new go-to for minimalist -inspired swimwear, season after season. We love it, and know you will too. 

Happy Swimming!