It's the most _____________ time of the year...

Feeling those Holiday Season feelings.  

Relax... and enjoy.

Relax... and enjoy.

The Holidays. No pressure. 

The season of Reflection is upon us. Looking back at another year (and WOAH, what a YEAR...) to find some deeper understanding about this life we are living, on this planet we are sharing. And what that all means. This year has been, for so many, confusing and sad and challenging, with incomprehensible outcomes. We lost great artists, faced humanitarian crisis on both global and community levels, and we are now moving into a political era which we can only hope will be... survivable. BUT, after all this, we have the chance now to make a change towards the positive. To look around, into the faces of our brothers and sisters, and do some work for the greater good. We can appreciate that every action taken, every word spoken, every item purchased, has a consequence. 

All of which makes this Holiday season a little more... complicated. 

The thing is- you don't always have to do what you are told. You can make your voice be heard by NOT buying garbage that no one in your family or friend circle really needs this holiday season. Instead, you can buy unique, hand-made, and small batch gifts that will last. That are well thought out, and that are ultimately... MEANINGFUL.  Let them know that you care enough about them, about the local community, and about this planet that you supported your beliefs, even while faced with advertising on the TV. ;)

Whether it is for yourself, your mom, your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, your best friend, the Minimalist, the Surf Babe, the Snow Bird, or just the hot-tub obsessed person in you life...